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rosaceaAre you unknowingly affected by this common condition?

Chances are you may not know you have rosacea. Dr. Bernard Gasch, who specializes in innovative medical and cosmetic skin treatments at the Center for Dermatology and Laser Surgery, suffers from rosacea himself. He wants to shed a little light on this frustrating but extremely common skin condition.

Dr. Gasch notes that “while rosacea is believed to affect more than 16 million Americans, the National Rosacea Society estimates that as few as 10 percent of those with the condition are being treated for it. That’s why Rosacea Awareness Month is so important — to encourage those living with rosacea to seek treatment.”

Dr. Gasch explains that “rosacea is a condition that affects patients both physically and emotionally and can greatly impact a patient’s confidence.” Rosacea causes facial redness and flushing but can also lead to the formation of small bumps resembling pimples, a burning sensation on the face, swelling, and other issues.

While there isn’t a cure for rosacea, qualified dermatological care can effectively treat and manage the condition. “There are new ways to manage rosacea,” Dr. Gasch says.  We treat rosacea with a combination of oral and topical medication, as well as laser and pulsed light treatments.”

“Patients living with rosacea need to understand they are not alone, and that useful, innovative treatment options are available to them,” Dr. Gasch says. “During this upcoming month, I encourage these patients to consult with a caring board-certified dermatologist to take a proactive role in managing their rosacea skin concerns and symptoms.”

Do you think you could have rosacea? Call us at the Center for Dermatology and Laser Surgery, 503-2907-3440, and let’s see how we can help.