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For those dealing with unwanted skin discoloration, confidence and self-esteem can become a daily struggle.  Often manifesting in the form of brown spots and patches, skin discoloration can affect patients both physically and emotionally.  Thankfully, however, patients today are choosing to do something about it.  Dr. Beata Rydzik of Portland’s Center for Dermatology and Laser Surgery recently sat down to discuss how more and more patients are turning to cosmetic dermatology as a way to help treat troublesome brown spots.

“As one of today’s most common skin complaints, brown spots can serve as a blemish to an otherwise perfect complexion,” Dr. Rydzik explains.  “While they typically don’t pose a medical threat, brown spots can take a toll on patients in other ways, often becoming a source of embarrassment.”

Detailing causes of the condition, Dr. Rydzik offered this: “A common result of the aging process, brown spots are most often caused by years of overexposure to the sun.  Manifesting as flat, painless areas, brown spots can also occur as a result of injury or trauma, in a condition known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.”

Dr. Rydzik, who specializes in many of today’s top general and cosmetic dermatologic procedures, went on to describe a few of the condition’s most effective treatment modalities.  “While brown spots can certainly be discouraging, modern cosmetic dermatology now offers a host of minimally-invasive solutions for reducing the appearance of skin discoloration and promoting a more uniform complexion,” Dr. Rydzik explains.  “Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser skin resurfacing can all be effectively used to reduce the appearance of spots.  Liquid nitrogen and skin bleaching may also be used, depending on the patient’s unique medical needs.”

Asked to comment on the growing popularity of cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Rydzik concluded with this:  “Where in the past, many patients had no choice but to accept brown spots, that is simply no longer the case today.  With several highly-effective treatments available, we encourage anyone dealing with skin discoloration to contact us and learn more about their treatment options.”

If you’re interested in treating your brown spots, call us at 503-297-3440 and let’s talk about your options.