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BTL Vanquish Me

BTL Vanquish Me™


How Does BTL Vanquish Me™ Work?

BTL Vanquish Me™ uses the energy of radio waves to bypass the skin and treat underlying fat. The treated area is subjected to a high-frequency electric field that damages fatty tissue, allowing it to be absorbed and eliminated naturally by the body.

The Vanquish spot size is the largest in the industry and covers the entire abdomen from flank to flank. The treatment panel floats just above the skin, causing an intense warming of the area. Most patients find it to be pleasant and relaxing. Sessions are performed one week apart for 4-6 weeks.

How Many BTL Vanquish Me™ Treatments Are Needed For Best Results

Many report visible improvements after the second session, but it is common for changes to continue over a period of several months. Adequate hydration, mild to moderate exercise, and a healthy diet all work to maximize results.

Is BTL Vanquish Me™ Safe?

The treatment is FDA approved and completely safe.


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