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istock_29764950_largeWarts are benign skin growths that occur when the human papillomavirus (HPV) infects the upper layers of skin.  A person contracts HPV through skin-to-skin contact, or with an object that recently touched a wart.  While warts most commonly occur on the hands and feet, they can appear anywhere on the body including the face and genitals.  They may appear as thickened bumps on the hands and feet, flat pink bumps on the face and lower legs, or sometimes they are cauliflower-like. Children are more likely to have warts because their immune systems have not learned to recognize and suppress HPV.

Wart Treatment

Warts may spontaneously disappear at any time, though many do not.  Warts are often unsightly, embarrassing or uncomfortable depending on their size and location.  Liquid nitrogen is the most common treatment for warts, however there are many options for treatment including canthacur, laser, cautery, immunotherapy and surgical removal.  Even very young children can be treated effectively with little discomfort.


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