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Excimer Laser

Excimer Laser

istock_81313169_largeExcimer laser is an FDA approved device that uses a handheld laser wand to deliver a concentrated dose of ultraviolet light to the skin.  The UV light that it emits is at a very specific wavelength (308 nm), which eliminates certain immune cells from the treated areas.  It may be used to treat psoriasis when it is confined to smaller patches of skin such as the hands, feet, scalp or elbows. Excimer is also used to re-pigment skin affected by vitiligo.  One advantage of Excimer is that it leaves normal skin untreated.

Most insurance plans cover Excimer laser treatments, which are typically performed twice weekly for several months.  The goal of treatment is to induce a remission of the treated condition.  It is not a cure for psoriasis or vitiligo but can be an effective part of a patient’s overall treatment regimen.


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